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   Dependable domestic sewage treatment plant services and water jetting in Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire, Oxfordshire, and more.

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Jetting: Clean, Efficient And Environmentally Friendly

Domestic sewage treatment plant in Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire, Oxfordshire, and Bedfordshire. Wavy lines 7.


Do you have a drainage problem?

Should you find yourself staring at a blocked manhole, toilet or grid, Bucks Treatment Services could be your solution. 
Here at Bucks Treatment Services we offer a whole host of solutions to any interference that occurs within your drainage systems. With over 20 years experience, our fully qualified team will be happy to help and provide solutions to your problems whatever the situation may be. 
Some of the most common issues surrounding drainage problems needing blockage clearings includes:

  • Blocked gully
  • Leaves covering the gully grating
  • Fat build-up
  • Cast-iron pipes needing de-scaling
  • Silt
  • Debris
  • Small stones-pebbles/roots of plants braking through a pipe or pipe join

Not to mention, we will come out and do general inspections and maintenance for your sewage pipe work system if you have any concerns. 

Contact us now if:

  • You notice bad smells from your drains and sinks.
  • You can see blockages or lumps.
  • Your drains are overflowing.
  • Your drains are going down slowly.
  • You noticed raised water levels.

In addition to domestic sewage treatment plant, we also provide High Pressure Water jetting here at Bucks Treatment Services.

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Finding The Solution

There are, of course, several methods when it comes to clearing a blocked drain, pipe or sewer, and the correct method for each occasion is dependent on access into the affected system. Some questions that need to be asked are whether the blockage is in an upstream or downstream position and is there direct access to the system or is it around a trap. Don’t worry, at Bucks Treatment Services we’ll do all of that for you and assess the situation quickly and properly.


What is High Pressure Water jetting?

These High Pressure Water jets deliver water at an extremely high pressure which can then be utilised in an array of circumstances. The jets are fast, clean, efficient and an environmentally friendly solution to a number of arising problems. 
Jetting is more than just a tool that can be used for clearing blocked drainage systems; other uses for High Pressure Water jets include:

  • Maintaining sewer systems
  • Removing silt
  • Removing debris
  • Removing tree roots that are cutting into the drains
  • De-scaling pipe work constructed from materials such as cast iron. 

When drain rods or mechanical rodding is unable to reach or clear the blockage in question, jetting is often used as the answer, and best helps create the solution. 
We can further use jetting when there is a limited amount of access to the system and also where multiple bends and traps are needed to negotiate throughout the drainage pipes. 


Why is High Pressure Water jetting a better option than others?

An alternative to High Pressure Water jetting is the use of drain rods. However this is a much less effective alternative option. Nowadays, rods have provided minimal results in comparison to the use of jetting due to the fact that the majority of drains are fitted with many bends and traps throughout them proving it hard to manoeuvre the rods as they are not the most malleable of tools. 

With this, it is a much higher likelihood of the rods getting stuck on roots or displaced joints within the drain pipes. Furthermore, the rods may not have the right length and therefore struggle to reach the possible blockage. As well as this, trying to force a rod around bends and traps throughout the drain may prove trickier than anticipated. 

High Pressure Water jets are a much easier, efficient and more effective solution and option to help solve your drainage blockages and problems. 


Health And Safety

At Bucks Treatment Services we believe in the importance of health and safety. All of our specialists are trained and qualified to carry out high pressure jetting, so you can be sure that your property is always in safe hands when we undertake any sort of work. Please get in touch if you need any high-pressure jetting, CCTV surveys or work with domestic sewage treatment plants.

Any person working with a high-pressure water jetting system or working in its vicinity, must wear suitable protective clothing commensurate with the risk involved in the jetting operation.

Risk Assessments will also be carried out in advance of commencing operations so that the correct selection is made relative to the pressure and flow rate being used and the potential hazard.

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Domestic sewage treatment plant in Buckinghamshire and Hertfordshire. Water jetting for clogged pipes.


   Have you noticed slow drainage or bad smells coming from your pipes? Contact us today to schedule a water jetting session!

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